3 contracts holding the Eagles back right now

We take a look at three of the ugly deals on the Eagles salary cap table and throw out two other theories just for the sake of discussion.

Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Pay close attention. Things are going to move swiftly now. The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine nears. Free agency and the NFL Draft will follow, but the Philadelphia Eagles are already knee-deep in constructing next season's roster.

As you're well aware, decisions must be made, and many of them involve a few of the respected veterans. Fletcher Cox is mulling retirement. Jason Kelce has done the same for several offseasons. including this one. This time feels different though. He might actually call it a career. Fear not. He'll have options once his playing days are done.

Kelce and Cox sit in some rarified air. They'll be back if they choose, but that luxury doesn't extend to most of the other members on Philly's roster.

Depth is needed. So is talent. Howie Roseman and the Birds will need to allocate resources to allow themselves some wiggle room to add key free agents and extend the guys they believe will be a part of this team's future.

First things first. It's time to make some decisions about a handful of deals that might potentially hold this team back. Here are three that come to mind without effort.

Kevin Byard, safety

We've mentioned Kevin Byard before. A $14,248,326 million cap hit will do that for you, but if Philly is feeling gutsy, they can save a boatload of cash by moving on. He only represents $711,000 in dead cap space.

Think of what Howie Roseman can do with another $14 million available. Heck, he can sign 14 tailbacks, but seriously, an aging Byard that's past his prime doesn't give this team much in terms of productivity.

Keep an eye on a few other veterans as well as we move through the offseason.