3 Eagles 2024 free agents that won't be back, 3 question marks (and one holdover)

Here are a few guesses on which actions we'll see taken with several members of the Eagles 2024 free agent class.

Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles
Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Leaving in free agency: Marcus Mariota, quarterback

There was a bit of a buzz when the Eagles signed Marcus Mariota, a guy whose name has floated around this organization since the days of Chip Kelly. It's hard to understand why the hype was there. Those people must not have watched him in Atlanta (or anywhere else he played).

It was evident early in training camp that there simply wasn't much here. We trust Tanner McKee's ability to win a game in Jalen Hurts' absence more than we trust Marcus to do so... and, we don't trust Tanner a great deal.

We'll be perfectly fine with Mariota's time in Philly ending after this season.

Leaving in free agency: Quez Watkins, wide receiver

Quez Watkins possesses one elite trait... one. Sadly, that doesn't do anyone any good if he isn't good at anything else that a wide receiver is supposed to be good at.

The experiment is over. Frankly we have seen enough. We'd rather see another band-aid signing than see an extension awarded to 'Fast Batman'.

Leaving in free agency: Shaquille Leonard, linebacker

We'll make this one quick. Regardless of how this season ends and regardless of how well Shaquille Leonard plays down the stretch, there isn't much working in Shaq's favor if we want to discuss possible extensions. The same can be said for Nicholas Morrow and Zach Cunningham.

Leonard's case is a little different than Morrow and Cunningham's because he represents a much more expensive signing. He also plays a position the Eagles don't value as highly as others.

Sorry Shaq! But, all of that has been said to say we can't find the match here. Enjoy it while it lasts if you're an Eagles fan. His current tenure probably doubles his final days in Philly.