Eagles assistants who are safe regardless of who Philly hires as offensive coordinator

We expect more changes to come in Philly's coaching staff, but we're pretty sure a few guys are safe.
Jeff Stoutland, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeff Stoutland, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It's hard not to chuckle, you know? Maybe we have to laugh to keep ourselves from crying, but as angry as the Philadelphia Eagles have made us as of late, we can't help but check in every few minutes to see if we've missed anything they might be up to. We answer every phone call. We check every notification. NOTHING is going to get past us.

As secretive as Philly tries to be about things, we knew they were hiring Vic Fangio as soon as he was available. Wouldn't you know it? Per reports, he is expected to be named their new defensive coordinator. Now, the focus shifts back to the search for an OC.

More change is expected. There are assistants who will change as well. It's hard to imagine what they are thinking, but something tells us a few of them are resting easy.

Expect to see changes, but some familiar faces will again be on the Eagles; sideline in 2024.

It must be nice to be Eagles special teams coordinator Michael Clay. He's gone from being the guy who got an extension and everyone asked 'How?' to being the only coordinator on the coach's roster we knew would return for another run in 2024.

Once upon a time, we celebrated the fact that Jalen Hurts had the same OC for consecutive seasons for the first time in his career. We saw the growth. Then, Shane Steichen left to be a head coach.

One year later, Philly again needs an OC, this time for different reasons. The search leads some to believe the new guy will make some changes among his position coaches. Be that as it may, we can guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt that three guys aren't going anywhere.

Rest Easy Eagles fans, Jeff Stoutland is staying put.

Jeff Stoutland might be the only gift that Chip Kelly gave the organization. The NFL's best offensive line coach remained in his position when the Birds transitioned from Kelly to Doug Pederson. Then, Jeff survived the transition from Doug to Nick Sirianni.

We hope he isn't, but something tells us that Nick Sirianni could be fired, and Jeff would be on the next coaching staff. He'll be around until he's ready to leave.

Kevin Patullo isn't going anywhere.

When your head coach mentions you several times in his discussions about the future of his coaching staff, it's probably safe to assume you aren't going anywhere. Kevin Patullo's name rolled off Nick Sirianni's tongue twice during the Eagles' season-ending presser. That sounds like job security to us.

Patullo, Philly's associate head coach/passing game coordinator, has been a member on Nick's staff snce 2021. He'll be back in 2024.

Expect Alex Tanney to pursue other options.

Alex Tanney is free to explore other NFDL coaching opportunities. Keep an eye on this one as it continues to develop.

That's our story. We're sticking to it (for now).

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