3 standouts and 1 question mark from Wednesday's Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice

There were some wow moments and rough plays, but that's what practice is for. Here are some standouts from the Eagles' first training camp session and one guy we'd like to see tighten up.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The Eagles have returned to work, and they have already given us tons to discuss.

And, we're back. One practice session is in the books, and at the time this story is being written and published, there are eight remaining. The theme of the day on Wednesday was red zone work. We have gotten used to that during the Nick Sirianni era as Philadelphia Eagles head coach. That causes an interesting dynamic.

With this being the first time the Birds have hung out as a team on the practice field, we expected both wow moments and some rough-looking stretches mostly from the second team (again, that's okay). As you know, throwing lanes and the margin for error tightens when offenses march within 20 yards of the end zone. Still, it was a successful session, even if it was a short one. Let's talk about some of the particulars.

The obligatory Jalen Hurts discussion

There was no shortage of Jalen Hurts content on Twitter following the first Eagles practice... Or, should we say there was no shortage of Jalen Hurts on 'X'?

QB1 sent shockwaves through social media with the answer to the final question he was asked during his sit-down with the media. He turned down an opportunity to be featured on Netflix's Quarterback series... twice. As far as what he did on the field... He didn't work long and saw a lot of short fields as Philly did a lot of red zone work.

He sailed a couple of throws (no worries there), but everyone enjoyed a throw across his body that landed in the end zone in Dallas Goedert's hands. In short, we got what we expected. Same steady Jalen... nothing for us to complain about.

Let's discuss a few other standouts.