4 bottom-dwelling teams the Eagles could trade with to make one more splash

Following two recent veteran additions, rumor has it that Howie Roseman may still be working the phones to make one more splash. Here are a few unsolicited ideas that come to mind.

Carolina Panthers, Eagles news
Carolina Panthers, Eagles news / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Carolina Panthers - EDGE Brian Burns

Yeah... This is probably NEVER going to happen, but if you have been hanging out with Inside The Iggles long enough, you know we have been begging the football gods to make this happen. It isn't like we were the only people to mention this as a possibility though.

The unfortunate thing here is that every time the Carolina Panthers began a fire sale and this rumor grew legs, this 'Brian Burns to Philly fantasy' turned out to be one of those heavy smoke/zero fire scenarios.

That's quite alright. Brian Burns is worth striking the match. We have seen aforementioned fire sales in Charlotte before, and if no one else wants to construct this rumor, we'll do the work and fan the flames ourselves.

New England Patriots - Cornerback/Safety Jalen Mills

Yeah... We know... We know... Jalen Mills isn't the caliber of player who will convince Birds fans to book early flights and hotel reservations for Super Bowl LVIII. You have to admit that this is a lot of fun to think about.

'The Green Goblin' Jalen Mills has a skill set that we keep wanting to believe is possessed by a few other Birds on this current roster (one that they DON'T have), the ability to play safety AND some corner when need be.

Mills is just as prone now to being beaten by the double move as he ever was. Some things never change, right? But, he always raises the level of play of his teammates around him. Guys just love playing with this dude. Heck, we wouldn't mind a reunion if the asking price was favorable.