4 Eagles offseason decisions that should pay off despite currently seeming disastrous

We're hopeful! We'd like to believe a few of the Eagles' offseason decisions will turn out to be home runs even if they currently look like bad ideas.
T.J. Edwards, Philadelphia Eagles
T.J. Edwards, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Brian Johnson is promoted to offensive coordinator.

Stop! Don't hear what we aren't saying. Don't hear what isn't being written. First of all. Let's get something clear.

We were totally on board with this promotion. We wanted Brian Johnson to earn the role of offensive coordinator following Shane Steichen's acceptance of the Indianapolis Colts' head coaching job. The facts are the facts though. This team is home to too much talent for this offense to continue performing like it is.

Johnson will figure this out. Don't look at us in the meantime though. We already told you that we were impatient.

Michael Clay is given a raise.

Well... Maybe this one doesn't have as high a chance of working out as the other three, but it most certainly belongs on the list of questionable offseason decisions. Michael Clay is STILL this team's special teams coordinator. Let that sink in if you haven't already.

Okay, so this Eagles team wouldn't be 2-0 without its best special teams player, Jake Elliott. Justin Evans and Nicholas Morrow combined for a huge special teams play in Week 2 on Thursday. Clay also kind of got a raw deal when the organization didn't find him a better punter or punt returner and two of his best special teams players wound up on the injured reserve (Shaun Bradley and Zech McPhearson).

Still, it's hard to get past that pair of timeouts his unit cost the team in Week 1. Honestly, though it's hard to give Clay a fair grade, it feels like the impressive moments we see from his unit have little to do with anything he's doing.

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