4 Eagles with the most to gain following Haason Reddick's trade

  • You know who's on the roster.
  • You know the guys with much to gain after Haason Reddick's departure.
  • Here are a few thoughts on each of them.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

And, just like that, the Haason Reddick era in Philly is over. Truthfully, we don't know how we feel about that.

Every time we look at him, we think of that guy playing for the Arizona Cardinals who forced two fumbles and sacked Jalen Hurts during a Week 15 game in 2020. That's before we flash forward and reminisce about the same guy, now playing for the Carolina Panthers in 2021.

If we remember correctly, it was Week 5 in 2021. That was a long afternoon.

Philly's offense didn't do much until late. After a blocked punt by T.J. Edwards on special teams, Jalen and the offense punched in a go-ahead touchdown before QB1 hit DeVonta Smith in the back of the end zone for the two-point conversion.

A Steven Nelson interception iced things, but the Panthers didn't lose that game because of Mr. Reddick. He tallied eight tackles, two sacks, and two additional QB hits that day. Finally, Howie Roseman took the 'if you can't beat him, join him' approach.

In March of 2022's offseason, Philly signed Haason to a three-year deal, an arrangement they'd abandon after only two seasons.

Yeah, Haason got old. Yeah, there was that thing where he decided to give Sean Desai the silent treatment. We remember... He's older now, and the sacks stopped coming late last season. We realize bringing him back probably meant Philly would have had a disgruntled employee on their hands.

But, it's Haason though... We really liked him. His two seasons in Philly both produced a Pro Bowl nomination and 27 total sacks, but he's gone now. Again, we don't know how we feel about that. Are we certain this team is better without him?

Haason Reddick's departure opens a door for several young Eagles. The names ought to be familiar.

By now, most of you have heard the news. Haason Reddick trades Philly's midnight green for the Gotham green hue worn by the New York Jets.

The Birds received a conditional third-round pick in the 2026 NFL Draft as compensation. That pick becomes a second-round selection if Haason plays 67.5% of the defensive snaps for the Jets this season AND registers ten sacks or more. Trust us on this. We'll be watching Jets games closely.

Now for the matters that are being discussed at home. Despite losing one of their best players on defense of the past two seasons, Philly hopes to stay relevant in their quest for another Vince Lombardi Trophy. They'll need the young guys who are still here to step up.

Here's a refresher on who those guys are. They stand to gain the most in Haason Reddick's absence.

Josh Sweat

Once we saw the news of Josh Sweat's restructured contract, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to the theory that Reddicck's days were numbered. We get it. The age of both players no doubt factored into the thinking.

Sweaty cooled down the stretch after a hot start to the 2023 Eagles season. He'll need to be more consistent. He's one of the veteran presences now.

Nolan Smith

After enjoying what ultimately equates to a redshirt rookie season, the questions surrounding Nolan Smith are aplenty.

What does he mean the shoulder is an issue 'sometimes'? Were we right to have concerns about him being of lighter frame? Will he answer the call now with more responsibility?

Year two came quickly, but here's what we know. Smith will see more playing time in Haason Reddick's absence.

Will he answer the call? Well, we'll soon see, won't we? Philly isn't just hopeful he steps up. At this point, that's a necessity.

Bryce Huff

Philly's acquisition of Bryce Huff like Sweat's restructure was an early sign that Reddick might be handed his walking papers. The new guy is exciting, and he'll be 26 when the regular season starts.

It's too early to sat this because, frankly, Huff hasn't played a down of Eagles football yet. He has an opportunity to do something Reddick didn't do though, earn a second contract if everything goes according to plan.

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson probably was going to be dismissed if Reddick hung around. He still isn't safe. Now, he's probably ranked ahead of guys like Tarron Jackson and Julian Okwara on the depth chart at EDGE, but if we're being honest, he ranks no higher than fifth.

Reddick's exit increases Johnson's chances of making the 2024 roster. Still, if Philly drafts someone or adds another player at the position, his chances will again begin to dwindle.

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