5 free agents the Eagles need to re-sign this offseason

With the clock ticking, the Eagles must make some big decisions this offseason, beginning in free agency.
Jason Kelce, D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Jack Stoll, tight end

With Dallas Goedert as the clear TE1, the Eagles should focus on finding a blocking tight end for the TE2 role. Jack Stoll is someone else the Eagles should bring back this offseason. He has only missed one game in his three-year tenure as an Eagle and has displayed his reliability when it comes to doing what is best for the team. Only receiving eight targets this season, Stoll has been deployed almost exclusively as a blocking tight end, and he is playing his role quite well. 

His play style perfectly complements the abilities of Dallas Goedert and allows Stoll do the dirty work while Goedert receives the attention. He's a valuable special teams player as well. Look for an extension of one or two years to come Stoll's way this offseason. 

Worth noting: Retirement is looming for the All-Pro center Jason Kelce, meaning that the Eagles will need to invest significant resources in bringing him back.

Strangely, the major decision regarding the Eagles' during free agency isn't their decision at all. Six-time All-Pro and future Hall of Fame center Jason Kelce reportedly told the team after the playoff loss that he was ready to retire.

Just one day later, he stated that he is still unsure of whether he will retire or return in 2024. Should he choose to return, it is a given that Philadelphia will give him another year and look to send him into retirement with a second Super Bowl ring. 

If he wants to return, the door will be open. He'll be around until he's ready to retire.

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