5 players Philadelphia Eagles fans won't miss in 2024 if they don't return

  • Change is the only constant with our Eagles.
  • Much will change for Philly next season, their roster included.
  • Many of the casualties won't be missed.
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Rashaad Penny, running back

Welcome to the tailback portion of our discussion. Here's a question for you. What does $1.35 million with $600,000 guaranteed at signing buy you? Here's your answer! It buys you Rashaad Penny,

One of Howie Roseman's boom or bust signings last offseason, we regret to inform you there was very little 'boom' with this one. There just isn't much left.

Penny racked up 33 yards on 11 carries this season which averages out to about $103,181 per tote.

Boston Scott, running back

It pains us to say this. Heaven knows we love our 'Giant Killer'. We have often said he's too good to only be used twice annually.

His production versus the New York Giants has been viewed as a negative. There's this theory he only shows up versus one team. We've always believed it would behoove the Eagles coaching staff to see what he can do versus other franchises.

He's never had the full confidence of his coaches (except for when he worked with Duce Staley). And, here's another question. If the Eagles aren't even using him in their games versus the Giants now, why is he here?

Maybe he belongs on another list, not necessarily a 'guys who won't be missed' take. We'll certainly do so (especially during Eagles/Giants clashes, but we will, however, move on quickly in his absence.

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