5 recently-added Eagles veterans who may not make the 53-man roster

There are no guarantees for some of the veterans at Eagles training camp, particularly with some of the new guys.
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The Eagles added key veterans to their roster at the safety position, but all are aware that there are no guarantees.

You might as well get used to the fact that, by the time we reach September, we will have broken down the Philadelphia Eagles roster so intricately that you will be tired of talking and hearing about them. You'll know who the top guys are at every position. You'll know who the 'bubble' guys are. You'll recognize the position coaches, and somewhere along the line, you'll see more 53-man roster and depth chart projections than you would have liked. Welcome to Eagles training camp.

Camp isn't what it used to be. Gone are the days of sweating to death at Lehigh University while watching the next crop of stars try to make a name for themselves and catapult themselves onto the roster. Gone are the long, dreary afternoons. Heck, guys can barely tackle now.

Two things will always exist when it comes to the grind of piecing an NFL team together, competition and predictions. The players take care of the former. Everyone from fans to the media will take their shot at doing the latter. There's no time to like the present to begin the process.

Have you ever heard of the 'last in and first out' theory? It suggests the new guys typically get the axe first when roster cuts are made. Some of the guys on this list have been on Philly's training camp roster longer than others, but despite being veteran additions, they aren't assured of anything. We'll be cheering for their success, but no one should be shocked if they're left off the roster come the final cuts.