5 Surprises from training camp and the first two Eagles preseason games

The early stages of training camp were interesting. The first two preseason games were doubly so. Here are several things that caught us off guard, even if it only did so slightly.

Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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We thought Tanner McKee might outplay Ian Book. We just didn't know that he would outplay Marcus Mariota too.

The adrenaline rush that some felt when Philly added Marcus Mariota is gone. Honestly, if you felt one, it had to have been because you were busy. There's no way that you could have been watching this guy play and felt any excitement upon his arrival. Did you miss the part about him quitting on the Atlanta Falcons after losing his starting job?

Oh well... We're well past that. Plus, we don't have the full story about what really happened with that Atlanta thing. That's what we'll tell ourselves. What we do know is this. Marcus is on the Eagles' roster, albeit eight years after this first became a discussion. Sadly, however, he may have never been a worse version of himself than he is right now.

Tanner McKee, on the other hand, is a sixth-round selection the Birds added during the most recent NFL Draft. While Marcus is declining, the rookie is flourishing. The day the former Stanford Cardinal, stepped through the doors of the Novacare Complex, we knew he had the potential to be better than Ian Book, and so far, he has been. How about this for a curveball? He has also looked better than Marcus Mariota.

The Eagles coaching staff has said all of the right things. No one should expect them to demote Marcus in front of the media, but don't be shocked if McKee passes him on the depth chart at some point during the regular season.