5 Surprises from training camp and the first two Eagles preseason games

The early stages of training camp were interesting. The first two preseason games were doubly so. Here are several things that caught us off guard, even if it only did so slightly.
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Most of the fringe guys haven't taken advantage of their opportunities during the first two preseason games

It's hard to make the roster when playing on a team with as much talent as the Eagles possess. We have known what the top half of the depth chart will look like for months. The coaches are working feverishly to piece together the names that will be placed on the 53-man roster's final ten roster spots, give or take two or three guys.

What has been surprising is this. With limited opportunities, we expected to see some of those 'bubble guys' kick a few doors in and make their impressions felt. Instead, we have seen a lot of fumbles, dropped passes, and missed tackles.

We won't shine the spotlight too brightly on the guys we expected more from. You saw the games. You probably already know who we're discussing, but with one preseason game, there's another shot for guys to make statements. They better hurry. Time is running out.

Worth a mention: The Eagles haven't made any late additions at safety.

The Eagles typically keep five safeties on the roster. Coincidentally, there were five safeties on the squad when training camp began. Tristin McCollum was listed as a defensive back, and even though we had kown that for a while, there was a part of us that hoped and/or believed Philly would make some C.J. Gardner-Johnson-style signing at some point. That hasn't happened, but that isn't to say that it won't.

As the summer has worn on, Terrell Edmunds hasn't done much to impress, but we're beginning to fall in love with K'Von Wallace and Sydney Jones.

The light bulb has come on for the former. The latter has gotten very good and has done so very quickly. Philly may be content to walk into training camp with the safeties depth chart looking as currently constructed.

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