Best available edge rushers for the Eagles in 2024 free agency

The Eagles certainly have options if they intend to look to free agency to land an edge rusher.

Bryce Huff, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Bryce Huff, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

We tend to complicate things as NFL fans. Football is simpler game than we make it. The running game is used to set up the play-action pass. The screen pass is used to counter the opposing defense's blitz, unless you're the Philadelphia Eagles and running Nick Sirianni's offense. Then, you just call screen passes for no reason and use DeVonta Smith as a lead blocker until he gets injured.

Sorry... We had a flashback there... What were we talking about? Oh yeah... Football is a simple game. Here are a few rules about roster construction.

The best way to build a team is to find a franchise quarterback. That can be hard to do sometimes. That's why we see five guys drafted every year. Once you get your guy, however, you're golden.

The Eagles have their franchise signal-caller in Jalen Hurts. That brings us to step two and three. Build an offensive line to protect 'the franchise'. Then, find guys, particularly defensive linemen and edge rushers, to chase the opposing team's QB around and make his life miserable.

Philly has figured their offensive line out for the most part. They could stand to add some edge rushers though. They'll have options in the NFL Draft and before its arrival during free agency.

Here's a ranking of the top edge rushers that will be available to the Eagles during free agency.

So, here's where we are. The Eagles announced on Saturday that they were extending Brandon Graham for one more season. Perhaps that was to distract us from the news that they're using their best young edge rusher Josh Sweat as a potential trade piece. Trust us. We'll be talking about that all week.

Haason Reddick's situation is still in limbo. His fate will be learned soon enough. Philly drafted Nolan Smith last season, but there are concerns about whether or not he's ready for prime time.

Past those four, Philly's only other pass rushers that we care about are the still-unproven Tarron Jackson and Patrick Johnson. That would happen if the Eagles continue their working relationships with both individuals.

Legal tampering begins on March 11th. The new league year comes two days later. With a few days separating us from the start of free agency, here's a look at the top options if Philly looks there to bolster their roster.

  1. Bryce Huff
  2. Danielle Hunter
  3. Chase Young 29
  4. Jonathan Greenard
  5. Jadeveon Clowney
  6. Za'Darius Smith
  7. Josh Uche
  8. Leonard Floyd
  9. Andre Van Ginkel
  10. Denico Autry

Bryce Huff is the best bang-for-buck guy. He's talented and young. For that reason, we rank him ahead of Danielle Hunter. Former Washington Commander/San Francisco 49er Chase Young rounds out our top three.

Jonathan Greenard is another young star in the making. He and veteran mercenary Jadeveon Clowney round out our top five.

Za'Darius Smith outplayed his contract last season. That's been a trend for him as of late. Josh Uche, Leonard Floyd, Andrew Van Ginkel, and Denico Autry round out our top ten. Keep an eye on Van Ginkel. He played for Vic Fangio last season as a member of the Miami Dolphins.

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