Best stories from a pair of weekend Eagles practices as Philly prepares for Colts

  • Saturday and Sunday brought morning Eagles practices.
  • We're told Philly participated in a stress-free walkthrough on Monday.
  • The Eagles welcome the Colts for a joint session on Tuesday.
  • That gave us some time to dig through our notes and share some cool stories.
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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As the Eagles prepare for the Colts, the rest of us are digging through our notes after a pair of weekend practices.

Welcome to another work week. Those of you who are reading this have been enjoying yours for hours. The Philadelphia Eagles didn't take the field for practice. They did however participate in a walkthrough. This comes on the heels of a pair of practice sessions on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. The biggest surprise? Myles Jack retired. He wasn't going to make the team, but you have to admit, that was interesting. Oh well... The train chugs along.

The next time we will see Philly on the field for a more intense workout will be Tuesday. They welcome a familiar face, former Eagles offensive coordinator turned head coach, Shane Steichen, and his new squad, the Indianapolis Colts.

Kudos to Shane. It isn't often that we see rookie head coaches take their teams on the road to participate in joint practices. They usually are too busy with taking care of their own affairs and placing their fingerprint on their new franchises.

So, here's what we learned from this past weekend. Darius Slay's competitive nature knows no end. Jalen Hurts is phenomenal. Nick Sirianni is a live wire. Wait... We already knew that...

Well, that won't stop us from telling our story. Here are a handful of highlights from a pair of Eagles practices.