Common questions surrounding the Eagles' offense after two games, attempts to provide clarity

Despite a 2-0 record, questions surround the Eagles' offense and their execution as a unit. Let's attempt to answer many of them.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Even with the most optimistic of views, there are still questions about the Eagles' playcalling.

While the optimism is warrented, there are still some causes for concern through the first two games.

One area that has hamstrung the offense is the play calling. Even throughout two games, Johnson's decision making has been ultra-conservative at best and maddening at it's worst.

In the Patriots game, Johnson decided to remove any facet of aggressiveness from the offense after the Eagles built up an early lead. As a result, the offensive coordinator effectively knocked Jalen Hurts out of any sort of rhythm he was building up.

Without Hurts playing at his best, the Eagles offense completely stalled out and enabled the Patriots to attempt to mount a comeback. If Johnson called a consistent game, Philadelphia would have never given New England an opportunity to threaten their existing lead.

The opposite occurred in Thursday's game against the Vikings. Instead of leaning on the rushing attack consistently throughout the game, Johnson inexplicably decided to shift specific series to a pass-heavy script. While not completely impacting the game, the decision to go away from a winning formula would have been an issue against a better opponent.