Darius Slay discusses all things Eagles during a recent chat with Chris Long

Darius Slay hangs out with Chris Long. Yeah... Count us in for that conversation.
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In a world where there are seemingly millions of podcasts and another thousand are birthed daily, it can be hard to wade through the muddle. Thank Heaven for our Philadelphia Eagles, an organization that has always been chock full of colorful characters, guys who also possess character.

At an intersection where content creation crosses paths with talented playmakers, Birds both former and present team up to deliver the goods. We can use such in a slow news cycle, right?

Darius 'Big Play' Slay hung out with Chris Long recently. Say that out loud. Are you interested? We most certainly sure as heck are.

As expected, Darius Slay delivers an A-1 performance on Green Light with Chris Long.

All the ingredients for must-see TV were part of the mixture as current Eagles star Darius Slay hung out during an episode of Green Light with its host, Super Bowl champion Chris Long. These two host a couple of podcasts you actually want to place in your rotation.

What can we expect when they join forces? Let's just say the 4th of July came early.

Among the topics were stories Slay has told us before, like his near addition to the Baltimore Ravens' roster and Big Dom DiSandro's role in talking him out of going. Slay also mentioned a hot topic in Eagles Land, the collapse and what caused it. There, he mentioned the confusion and lack of communication, especially with game-day planning. Guys were rotating into different spots each game.

Avonte Maddox also got a shot out. Slay credits working with Avonte so long for giving the comfort of knowing where to go whereas the task becomes more difficult when working with younger guys.

All in all, 'Big Play' delivered the goods in what turned out to be a chat that lasted just under 38 minutes. This one covered everything from the addition of Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean to secondary injuries in 2023 to his expected role in Vic Fangio's defense (he expects to travel with the other team's best player or line up exclusively on the left side of the defensive formation.

Give this one a whirl when you have a moment. You're certain to enjoy what these two came up with.

Watch the full interview below