Derek Barnett's release doesn't necessarily mean Eagles acquisition of Shaquille Leonard is looming

We're still doubtful the Eagles will acquire Shaq Leonard, but we thought we'd tell this story anyway.
Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles
Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It was the shot heard 'round the world. Okay, maybe it wasn't as huge as that. It is relatively interesting though. An era in the City of Brotherly Love is at its end... so to speak. According to multiple sources including ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eagles have finally released Derek Barnett.

This comes after him being deemed inactive for Philly's game versus the Dallas Cowboys (Week 9) and Kansas City Chiefs (Week 11). Let's not assume that we have seen the last of him. Based on history, something tells us he'll wind up on the practice squad or something.

Rather than assume Derek Barnett's release means the Eagles are adding Leonard, let's instead place wagers on someone's activation from injured reserve.

And, just like that, the final member of the 2017 Eagles draft class has left us. What does that mean though?

Does that demonstrate any evidence that Philly is all in on pursuing Shaquille Leonard? The Indianapolis Colts saw fit to move on from him. He's now a free agent after clearing waivers. We have even heard that the Birds and Dallas Cowboys are mulling the idea over.

We, friends, would eschew that idea to the side... for now. Something tells us that something else is underway. Expect someone to be elevated from the Eagles' injured reserve on Saturday ahead of Week 12's game versus the Buffalo Bills.

That theory seems to make the most sense.

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21-day practice windows have been opened for both Justin Evans and Quez Watkins recently. Our money is on seeing one of them return here fairly soon.

In our minds, that's a better bet than assuming Philly will use the new roster space to acquire Shaq Leonard, even though we AREN'T going to tell you that we wouldn't mind seeing him on the Eagles roster.

Nothing's official until it is. At the time of this story's release, Philly hasn't officially announced Barnett's release. We also can't slam the door shut on the Williams thing knowing Howie Roseman is this team's vice president/general manager.

Keep both eyes on this one. The story is developing. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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