A dozen bubble players who are likely to be left off the Eagles' 53-man roster

Another training camp approaches, and that means guys are looking to extend their stay in Philly with the Eagles.
Josiah Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Josiah Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Fred Johnson, offense tackle

Did you see how quiet things got when you heard Fred Johnson's name? Be honest in answering this question. How many of you are casual fans and had no idea that Fred Johnson was on the roster?

We'll be honest. All summer, we have been married to the theory that Philadelphia will keep ten offensive lineman on the roster, and the guys we think will make the squad are Jordan Mailata, Landon Dickerson, Jason Kelce, Cam Jurgens, Lane Johnson, Tyler Steen, Brett Toth, Sua Opeta, Tyrese Robinson, Jack Driscoll.

Honorable mention: Brett Toth, tackle/guard

Okay, we know that we put Toth on the roster literally seconds ago. You shouldn't be shocked if he makes the team, but you shouldn't be taken aback if he doesn't.

Roderick Johnson, tackle

Roderick Johnson is one of the better talents left once you get past Philly's top 11 O-linemen. Unfortunately for him, he figures to fall victim to the numbers game. There will have to be injuries and some big breaks to go his way if he is going to land on the 53-man roster.

Josh Sills, guard

Josh Sills shocked many with his surprise addition to the 53-man roster in 2022. Unfortunately however, his future may be peril due to some legal trouble. We'll have to wait and see what happens.