A dozen mishaps from the Eagles Week 6 loss: How many of these are fixable?

It's been a dreary few days following the Eagles' Week 6 loss, but luckily, some problems we witnessed in this one qualify as easy fixes.
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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More mishaps from the offense.

Maybe the Friday the 13th stuff hit Philly late. Did we mention that this was tough to watch?

9. Kenny Gainwell drops a first down catch on a 3rd and 6.

Kenny Gainwell’s usage is starting to move from frustrating to angering. There are four other playmakers on the field to catch balls in high-leverage situations, yet the ball is going to a running back who has consistently disappointed. 

Later in the game, Jalen Hurts threw a dot to Kenny G at the sticks for a would-be first down. Gainwell dropped the ball and it led to a punt where Kelee Ringo was called for catch interference. 

Verdict: This is correctable in the fact that the Eagles should not incorporate Gainwell as much as they do, but there is no reason to have faith they would do that.

10. Jalen throws an interception after his arm was hit

Phew. This was where this game started to go into its death throes. For the first 45 minutes of the game, Hurts had been playing well and had very good pocket presence and awareness. 

Then he stuck around in the pocket for too long and had his arm bashed by Jets defensive end Jermaine Johnson. The ball was thrown almost directly to the Jets defender and that was the end of that story. 

Verdict: Jalen’s pocket presence is correctable, but Jack Driscoll’s inability to keep up with Jermaine Johnson is uncorrectable.