Eagles addition of Julian Okwara could be further evidence of Haason Reddick's exit, maybe

Julian Okwara, Philadelphia Eagles
Julian Okwara, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Hopefully, you are hugged up with loved ones and enjoying your Valentine's Day. We started to do that. We were listening to Philadelphia Eagles fans profess their love for Jason Kelce while trying to convince him to sign on for another year. Then, news broke that the Birds were adding a pass rusher.

Dang! There goes our day off. Well... a few minutes of it anyway. Guess what? Julian Okwara is coming to Philly.

Love can be tough sometimes. It has been tested in the Eagles organization if you haven't heard. There's this thing about Haason Reddick's contract. Does he stay? Does he go?

He says he wants to do the former, but is that what Philly wants? The coming days and weeks should be interesting, but it's hard not to draw parallels between these two stories (even if we shouldn't).

Are we to gather the Eagles' acquisition of Julian Okwara is evidence of Haason Reddick's presumed exit?

If you haven't been paying attention, here's a short recap. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Haason Reddick to a three-year, $45 million deal on March 16th, 2022. It seemed like a bargain when it happened. Almost two years later, it feels like the Philly native is underpaid.

He played on said deal last season. It doesn't appear that he was happy about it. We assume he's been asking about an extension. Philly gave him and his agent permission to seek a trade on Super Bowl Sunday, and even though many believe that moving on from him would be a mistake (including us), some might venture to state that adding another edge rusher doubles as 'writing on the wall'.

Julian Okwara is a six-foot-four, 239-pound stud. A third-round selection of the Detroit Lions in 2020, he has notched 54 tackles, nine sacks, and an interception in 38 career games with four starts. While he isn't on the level of Reddick, a Pro-Bowler, Okwara could help the Eagles satisfy some of their depth issues if Haason was to move on.

It makes some sense if you think about it. Then again, we could be drawing lines that connect dots that don't need to be connected. Either way, as you might expect, this gives us much to talk about as we continue moving through the offseason toward the next NFL Scouting Combine.

Gosh. We're already at the end of February.

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