Eagles' earn the top spot from ESPN in a unique and intriguing offensive line ranking

Here's a deep dive into where the Eagles' offensive line ranks versus other NFL teams. Spoiler alert: we have a good O-line.

Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line
Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Here's something worth noting if you missed it. ESPN Analytics released updated metrics following the 2023 season for offensive and defensive line performances. The statistic uses NFL Next Gen Stats' player tracking data to rank the best offensive and defensive linemen in pass rush, run stop, and blocking.

They created multiple lists ranking the top players in the trenches on both sides of the ball based on win rate for the categories: pass rush, run stop, and blocking. This article will focus specifically on their blocking metrics.

Philadelphia is represented in nearly every list at least once, but when it comes to the offensive line run block win rate rankings, our big guys up front top the charts.

What exactly is run block win rate? It goes hand-in-hand with run-stop win rate, and Brian Burke at ESPN Analytics explains it this way:

"RBWR and RSWR tell us the proportion of plays in which a player 'won' his block on designed running plays. It uses angles, distances, and speeds throughout the execution of a play to tell who is blocking whom and to determine whether the defender was able to meaningfully beat the block (or blocks in the case of a double-team)."

This statistic is important in understanding true player performance. Since football is the ultimate team sport, most player stats are dependent on at least one other player. For example, a quarterback's completion rate is dependent upon the receiver's ability to catch the pass. Whereas run block win rate is solely dependent on one player. More specifically, it is:

"A complete set of objective, individual stats for players whose performances often go overlooked."

Where does each Eagles offensive lineman rank in run block win rate?

In offensive tackle run block win rate rankings, Lane Johnson is number one with a win rate of 82 percent. Jordan Mailata is right behind him and ranked second with a win rate of 80 percent. Lane Johnson won 319 run blocks out of 387 running plays in 2023, and Mailata won 352 run blocks out of 438 called running plays.

In Interior offensive line run block win rate, another Eagle tops the charts again as Landon Dickerson ranks number one with a win rate of 81 percent. Dickerson won 324 run blocks out of 399 run plays.

Surprisingly, backup guard Sua Opeta is ranked third, finishing the season with a 76 percent win rate, winning 159 run blocks out of 208 run plays. Lastly, Jason Kelce ranks eighth with a 75 percent win rate. Kelce won 324 run blocks out of 431 run plays.

Impressive. The Eagles have five offensive linemen in the top 10.

Sua Opeta is interesting because he will enter the fifth year of his career this upcoming season after signing with the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in the 2019 draft class, and his free-agent status could play a big role for the Birds.

Kelce's impending retirement would move Cam Jurgens, the only Eagles starting lineman who wasn't ranked, to the center position. It would be up to Opeta and sophomore lineman Tyler Steen to compete for the starting right guard position.

These win rate analytics show us that while the Eagles run game may have stalled out in the middle of the season, the Birds do have the right personnel to run the ball successfully and they should not shy away from it.

Now, if we want to compare the Eagles' success in run blocking to pass blocking, most would acknowledge that the offensive line is better at run blocking. ESPN's analytics would prove that to be correct, but not by much.

What is Pass Block Win Rate? Where does the Eagles' offensive line fall in those rankings?

ESPN Analytics defines pass block win rate as a statistic that "conveys the rate linemen can sustain their blocks for 2.5 seconds or longer."

While the Eagles' O-line does not top the pass block charts, they still make the top 10. Lane Johnson is ranked number seven in offensive tackle pass block win rate rankings with a win rate of 92 percent. Landon Dickerson gets ranked number seven in inside offensive line pass block win rate, and Jason Kelce falls right behind at number eight. Both earned a win rate of 96 percent.

Overall, the Eagles have a fantastic offensive line with a specialty in run blocking and numbers to back that up. Even though we could lose our starting center at any moment, we have the talent to dominate the run game if Nick Sirianni would listen to the fans when they chant, "Run the ball!"

Honorable Mentions:

Shoutout to all of the Eagles defensive players who made the lists:

  • Haason Reddick: #6 in Edge Pass Rush Win Rate Rankings
  • Josh Sweat: #14 in Edge Pass Rush Win Rate Rankings
  • Jalen Carter: #6 in DT Pass Rush Win Rate Rankings
  • Jordan Davis: #7 in DT Run Stop Win Rate Rankings

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