Eagles fans can't find Saquon Barkley jerseys while Giants fans are destroying their own

Don't be shocked if you're looking for a midnight green Saquon Barkley Eagles jersey and are unable to find one. Meanwhile, Giants fans are destroying their blue ensembles.
Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles
Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

What an emotional couple of weeks Saquon Barkley has had. After being drafted by the hated New York Giants second overall and spending the first six seasons of his NFL career there, he leaves the only NFL team he has played for to join one of their fiercest rivals, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Come on. You know this wouldn't go down peacefully (or, at least, you should have known).

We hate to admit it, but Tiki Barber was spot-on. He said Big Blue's fans would be peeved by the move. And, they are. They have been seen burning Saquon's jersey in the town squares, i.e. their X and Instagram handles.

Much of the Eagles fan base is happy though. They have been adding him to their Madden rosters and scouting opportunities to buy his jersey when it becomes available. As The Philadelphia Inquirer's Rob Tornoe reports, however, that might be a difficult find.

Eagles green Saquon Barkley jerseys, as expected are suddenly a hot item, but it may take a while to find one if you are interested.

Saquon has planted roots in both the Empire and Keystone States. A native of New York, one born in the Bronx, he cut his teeth at the collegiate level playing for the Penn State Nittany Lions. He was then, as mentioned, drafted by his hometown Giants.

Who are we kidding? He's going to look damn good in an Eagles jersey. Wait! Have we found our new 'Giant Killer'?

Forgive us... Back to the topic... Birds fans are hunting for a green Saquon jersey, but it may be a while before you find one. As Tornoe states in his story, Philly wasn't even able to officially announce the addition until the new league year began on Wednesday, March 13th at 4 pm EST.

Once Barkley's deal becomes official, Fanatics will begin to take preorders, but it may still take a couple of weeks before eager fans begin seeing their new jerseys in the mail.

Oh well... Patience is a virtue, at least that's what they tell us, but how can one not get excited about the thought of seeing ticked-off Giants fans see the number 26 Barkley jersey in shades of Midnight and Kelly Green?

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