Saquon Barkley gets a stern warning from Tiki Barber as Eagles rumors keep swirling

An expert at ticking off Giants fans, Tiki Barber, has some advice for Saquon Barkley.

Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles, Tiki Barber, Giants
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles, Tiki Barber, Giants / Drew Hallowell/GettyImages

Rivalries make the world go around. The Philadelphia Eagles have dominated their long-standing feud with the New York Giants as of late (with the exception of a few snafus like last year's regular-season finale), but the venom is just as heavy as it has always been between these two franchises and fan bases... especially with those of us who are a little more old school.

It doesn't take much to fan the flames. Rumors that involve Big Blue potentially losing its best player on offense, Saquon Barkley, to the Birds definitely qualify though. Howard Eskin fanned the flame, and now, here we are. An answer has come from New York's flagship station for the G-Men, WFAN Sports Radio.

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Since rumors began swirling about Philly's possible interest in Saquon Barkley, everyone has had an opinion about the potential alliance. Guys like our friend John McMullen believe there is no way this can happen. Some see this as a realistic possibility.

Former Giants star Tiki Barber must be in the latter category based on his recent take. As you might imagine, however, he's a little salty.

Is it just us? Or, does anyone else look at Tiki and think about him dogging his former teammate Eli Manning and the Giants winning the Super Bowl AS SOON AS HE LEFT? While we realize that has little to do with his recent tirade, we can assure you of something.

Saquon is a grown man, as is Tiki, but the former would be wise to avoid taking career advice from someone who, himself, lost the respect of Big Blue's supporters.

Don't deny it now Giants fans. We've kept the receipts. Please don't make us dig them out on you.

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