Eagles host Buffalo in Week 12 and Bills Mafia's hopes hang on by a thread

Bills Mafia is respectfully psychotic and lunatically passionate, but they're also understandably worried.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles return to their home base in Week 12 to take on a weird Buffalo Bills team. They began the season with all of the hype in the world surrounding them, hype they had earned from a new reputation that they were building. On paper, they're an excellent team, but in reality... sheesh.

Buffalo is incredibly inconsistent on both sides of the ball. That has led to a mediocre record of 6-5. Had the playoffs began after Week 11, they would have been on the outside of the AFC's bracket and looking in.

Their fans know that, and trust us on this one. They aren't happy about it.

Bills fans have dangerous levels of anxiety ahead of Buffalo's Week 12 matchup with the Eagles.

Bills fans are awesome. Any time you see a Bills Mafia baptism, you must stop and watch. They're passionate about their team. They're football IQ is through the roof, and we all know one thing for sure. That isn't something you see in every fan base.

The situation that they've found themselves in this week is unfortunate. Their team has very little room for error. They have a tough schedule ahead of them. A difficult stretch of games begins in Philly. The Eagles are also wearing their kelly green jerseys.

Phew... Buddy... That's a step beyond a perfect storm, one that makes the most die-hard fan feel like a Buffalo loss is imminent. Let's see how Bills fans are dealing with their impending doom in this week's 'Vibe Check'.

This is entirely factual. If the Bills are going to reach the Super Bowl or enjoy a playoff run (or earn a playoff berth), then they need to win this game. They have put themselves in a pickle, and they have done so entirely by themselves.

It's very admirable that Bills fans still have some amount of outspoken hope. They had so much juice in the preseason, but they followed that with a very disappointing first half of the 2023 NFL season.

These fans are all the way in. That's grit... We respect it, but come Week 18, they may be rooting for losses and draft positioning. Then again, they could sneak into the postseason because of tiebreakers... maybe.

This is very straightforward. It lacks delusion, and it's healthy. Justine seems like wife material. That being said, this isn't any fun. Give us lunacy.

HERE WE GO BABY. The Bills are only doing bad because the powers-that-be have chosen this path. It's not Josh Allen's fault that he's addicted to throwing interceptions. It's the man behind the thrones' fault.

Say it with us! Lunacy!

In Week 2, we had a Vikings fan suggest that the only way Minnesota would win their prime-time showdown with Philly would be if Jalen Hurts and Kirk Cousins had a Greco-Roman wrestling match. Now we have @ro76398725 suggesting a QB fistfight?

Here's what's strange. Jalen squats 600 pounds. You have to think he's walking away with a W in either scenario.

If Thor was general manager, the Bills' defense would be clones of Andre the Giant. This is the same as thinking, 'Why wouldn't you just find the fattest guy in the world to be a hockey goalie?' The answer is simple. Because that'd be dumb. That's why.

Tim Dystra is either the drunkest human being in the world, or he's 90 years old and using speech-to-text. It's a coin flip between the two.

By the way, the guy in the picture is Joe Alt, a junior offensive tackle from Notre Dame. It's very funny to think of the pandemonium that would occur if the Bills traded Stefon Diggs to draft an offensive tackle.

The Bills tweeted perhaps one of the most sincere and heartwarming videos of two players just chatting with each other. Kyle saw that with his heart made of coal, and said, 'Get the hell out of here with these gritless wimps. Football is for hard men who make hard hits. Not for compassion and friendship. #RunTheDamnBall #CTEAintReal'

The Birds are in for a battle on Sunday. Buffalo's fans are on the edge of turmoil, and if Philadelphia can move the ball early on, Bills Mafia will lose its juju. Still, here's where we sit.

Philly is the better team. They should win this game, and the negative vibes from Buffalo will surely affect Josh Allen's ability to move the deep ball... surely.

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