Eagles' Kenny Pickett given surprisingly huge props in recent power rankings

Would the Eagles be in good hands in case of emergency?
Philadelphia Eagles, Kenny Pickett
Philadelphia Eagles, Kenny Pickett / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Over the offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles have made some monstrous moves. Whether it's been extending some of their top players or making a mark in the draft, Philly has had a strong few months.

One of the more underrated moves, though, came when the Eagles traded for former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and 2022 first-round pick Kenny Pickett to come in and back up Jalen Hurts under center.

The Steelers totally renovated their quarterback room by acquiring Justin Fields and signing Russell Wilson, while Pickett and Mason Rudolph both found new homes. Now in Philly, Pickett is trying to relish a new role as the backup.

And, although he's merely a backup quarterback, if you were to ask one of the more informed experts in the industry, the Eagles have a top-3 backup in the league.

CBS Sports' Cody Benjamin recently published a list of the top 10 backup quarterback situations in football and listed Picket and the Eagles at no. 3 overall.

Wrote Benjamin:

"Pickett was more scrappy than reliable in two sluggish seasons with the Steelers, and it's unclear if the 2022 first-round pick has the passing zip to ever command No. 1 duties again. But his surroundings are exceedingly superior in Philadelphia, where he'll enjoy Pro Bowlers at basically every supporting spot."

A fresh start very well could be the best thing to happen for Kenny Pickett

Despite taking a permanent back seat, Pickett could be set up for a long-term future in his new role. Being a backup isn't every first-round pick's dream, of course, but in order to maintain a long career in the NFL, Pickett may just have to comfortably adjust.

A guy drafted as high as Pickett would typically have a tough time swallowing the pill that he is having to take, going from a potential franchise quarterback to a backup. But, Pickett gets to stay close to home in Philadelphia and join a winning culture.

God forbid Hurts were to go down with an injury, Pickett would be better set-up than he's ever been during his young career. Having weapons like A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert and Saquon Barkley will surely give him the best chance at success.

In a role that has been more in the spotlight over the past few years, than ever before, being a backup quarterback might not be all that bad for Pickett. After all, there were 66 total quarterbacks to start a game in 2023. The odds of Pickett's name being called are higher than ever, and he'll be ready and well-equipped.