Eagles Nation has every right to be frustrated following Week 13 loss to the 49ers

The Eagles failed to step up in a big game. If you're upset, those emotions are warranted.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

In what was the most pathetic defensive performance of the Philadelphia Eagles’ season, the Birds lost 42-19 to the San Francisco 49ers. If you’re mad, well… You should be. 

Don’t sell yourself short and act like this game wasn’t important. If the Eagles won this game, they would be holding the steering wheel of the NFC at '10 and 2'. Instead, the Eagles record is 10-2. Now we’re looking at a must-win game in Week 14 and possibly for the final five weeks of the season. It utterly sucks. It sucks a whole lot.

We saw Christian McCaffery average 5.5 yards per carry. We saw Deebo Samuel and George Kittle have their way with the Eagles' defense. They pretty much did what they wanted in the middle of the field.

We also saw Jalen Hurts hold onto the ball for what felt like hours at a time and do so only to throw the ball away. We saw bizarre ejections. Ultimately, we saw the Eagles pee down their legs when it mattered the most. 

The Eagles should be embarrassed with the product that they put on the field.

Everything that we saw in Week 13 was an abomination, but it felt like it was to be expected. It’s felt like an eternity since Philadelphia has had control of a game. At halftime, if you're like us, you probably said to yourself ‘You don’t have to come from behind if you don’t fall behind.’

The Eagles have been playing with fire for a while. This time, they got burned. They didn’t come from behind. They got further behind. They lost by 23 points.

"Today, you look yourself in the mirror and say they were the better team". Jordan Mailata's words register with us all.

We know Jalen can lead this team back from a double-digit deficit. We have seen him do so in consecutive weeks. Following the 49ers' first drive of the second half, that was the situatiion the Birds found themselves in.

The Eagles were within striking distance. San Fran scored, and kept scoring, and it got scary. We saw a bit of juice following the ejection of 49ers’ linebacker Dre Greenlaw and the Eagles’ Chiefs Security Officer, Big Dom DiSandro. The Eagles scored on a walk-in Brotherly Shove. Vibes were at an all-time high.

Then, Deebo turned a short pass into a 48-yard touchdown, and it felt like the game was over. Hurts took a big hit the next drive. That ultimately led to him missing just two plays. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The Eagles were outmatched left and right and they were bullied for most of this game.

There are silver linings following this loss. Here are two of them. Jalen Hurts won't miss any time. He and this team will return next week in ‘kill mode’. It’s going to be great to see, especially seeing how the potential win will deliver a season-sweep versus the Dallas Cowboys.

While times are dire, the Eagles are still the NFC's top-seeded team. Keep those heads up. Let Inside The Iggles deliver those week-long therapy sessions. This will pass, and hopefully, this will galvanize everyone.

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