Eagles news: Report hints Nick Sirianni will return, Fletcher Cox defends Philly's head coach

As rumors continue to churn, everyone attempts to piece individual reports together to create a clearer picture.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

As the dark cloud continues to hang over the City of Brotherly Love (and probably will for a while), everyone has their theory on what should be done to fix the Philadelphia Eagles. Some say the entire coaching staff should be nuked. That's a bit extreme, but that's the vibe in some sections of the fan base. Others have expressed another theory, one we like a tad better.

Keep Nick Sirianni. After all, head coaches that can lead their team to the postseason three consecutive times don't grow on trees. No official statements have been made about Nick's job security, so we're left trying to piece random reports together to create an entire story.

It appears we may have been thrown another bone (or a reason to chase our own tails).

Eagles news: Recent report hints at Nick Sirianni's return.

Here we sit. Nick Sirianni's approval rating has plummeted. Some fans have moved on emotionally. The Eagles have yet to move on officially.

As hours pass and we turn the calendar from one page to the next, everyone stirs. Then it happened. The Athletic's Senior NFL Insider Dianna Russini shared something with us.

From that, it appears that Nick Sirianni will stay (but will return with a new offensive and defensive coordinator). We'll see what happens, but Russini is pretty solid. Expect debates about Philly's future to continue through the coming weekend.

More Eagles news: Fletcher Cox vehemently defends his head coach.

If you're like us, you keep hearing from various sources that the Eagles' locker room is in shambles. If you're like us, you're also hearing players defend their leader whenever a microphone is placed in front of them.

Well, we aren't sure of what to make from Jalen Hurts' postgame presser following Philly's loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We're trying to chalk that one up to an emotional game taking a toll on him.

Anywhoo, back to the point. Despite rumors of a team uprising, players, especially the veterans, are in Nick's corner. Fletcher Cox has taken on more of a vocal leadership role as of late, and at the Eagles locker room cleanout day, he wasn't having any of the negative chatter.

Negative statements from anonymous sources are a clear sign that something is fractured, but rumors of Sirianni's demise may have been slightly exaggerated. Keep both eyes on this one. We'll keep those ears to the streets. We'll see how things progress.

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