Eagles offensive coordinator options as reports surface of Brian Johnson dismissal

The rumblings of Brian Johnson's dismissal have led to more questions. Here are possible replacements now that the Eagles have moved on.
Brain Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Brain Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Here are four guys the Eagles should call (and probably won't)

We all know the Eagles hate experienced guys (if that sounds like we were throwing shade, it's because we tried to do so). Still, there are a few names we can't get off our minds. Throw these four in the category of possible wild cards.

Kliff Kingsbury, USC Senior Offensive Analyst

Kliff Kingsbury's coaching era in Arizona with the Cardinals started quickly before cooling. His work with Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech), Caleb Williams (USC), and Kyler Murray (Cards) has been impressive though.

Jim Caldwell, Panthers special advisor

We have seen Jim Caldwell do some impressive work with Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco, and Matthew Stafford among others. Forget fresh young minds. Give us an old guy who's been through a few wars.

Byron Leftwich, former Buccaneers OC

When we look around the NFL landscape at guys who are employed, we keep asking ourselves a question. How in the heck is Byron Leftwich on the couch? Super Bowl-winning OCs who have worked with Tom Brady are good enough to work with Jalen Hurts in our opinion.

Marcus Brady, Eagles senior offensive assistant

If an internal promotion winds up being part of the Eagles' business plan, Marcus Brady might be the best choice. He joined Philly in 2023 as the owner of 15 years of coaching experience. That includes six seasons at the professional level and a stint as Indianapolis Colts OC under Frank Reich.

Another name worth mentioning: Alex Tanney, Eagles QB Coach

Alex Tanney joined Nick Sirianni's staff in 2021 which will make the 2024 Eagles season his fourth with the team. If an internal promotion is on the table and Brady is hired elsewhere (by the interested Chicago Bears for instance), Tanney would provide a smooth transition.

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