Eagles WR Quez Watkins puts NFL, Philly media on notice: 'I'm an elite receiver'

Say what you will about Eagles wide receiver Quez Watkins, There is no shortage of confidence. During a sit-down with the Philly media, he put everyone within earshot on notice.
Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles
Quez Watkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Another Philadelphia Eagles practice is in the books. It was one we'll talk about for a while. The Birds threw on the pads for the first time all summer and did some hitting, nothing major, other than some Number 43 on Number 43 crime. Rookie Mekhi Garner delivered a shot to Charleston Rambo, much to the delight of Philly's defense. Then, there were the pressers.

New offensive coordinator Brian Johnson met with the media before work. After the session wrapped, Cam Jurgens, Kenny Gainwell, Avonte Maddox, and Reed Blankenship sat with much of the media. While other Eagles writers and reporters like Mike Sielski and Martin Frank found a few guys before they hit the showers.

One of those guys was Quez Watkins. Following an up-and-down season in 2022, he seemingly has much to prove, but if you're thinking that has affected his mindset, you're sadly mistaken. Fast Batman hasn't lost any confidence.

Admittedly, we didn't hear Quez make that claim live. We were busy listening to Cam, Kenny G, Avonte, and Reed, but come on. You have to admit that there isn't an Eagles fan alive that won't look at what Quez said without javing some sort of reaction. Buckle up. We have much to discuss.

Entering his fourth NFL season (and a contract year), much rides on the 2023 Eagles season for Quez Watkins.

Depending on who you talk to, there's no telling what type of response you'll get when there are mentions of Quez Watkins' name. If you haven't noticed, the loyal members of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base and the media typically offer one of three responses when he takes center-stage during any Birds-centered discussion.

One of the more common theories is as follows. Some believe he just needs to improve and, if he does so, he'll be fine. Last year was a rough one for Quez at times. He has vowed this season will be better. Still, some have their doubts about the validity of that claim.

Last season, we saw the catch and fumble on Monday Night Football versus the Washington Commanders. A rough showing versus the hated Dallas Cowboys came on Christmas Eve. The last time we saw him, he had a costly drop in Super Bowl LVII.

Head coach Nick Sirianni showed some confidence in him during a pre-OTA presser. Then, Quez went out and dropped the first pass that was thrown in his direction. Still, through it all, the members of group A haven't given up. That brings us to group B.

They believe we have seen the best of Quez. Philly could cut Number 16 or trade him, and our second group wouldn't bat an eyelash. That, then, brings us to group C, one that might most closely represent the thoughts and theories of the majority of us.

Our third group believes Fast Batman could be serviceable, that he has one elite trait (speed). Despite Quez's flaws, group C is well aware that sixth-round draft choices are sixth-round draft choices for a reason. Sure, Philly selected three wide receivers during the 2020 NFL Draft. Watkins was the third taken, yet he turned out to be the best of the bunch. That has to count for something, right?

Jalen Reagor and John Hightower are no longer on the roster, yet Watkins is arguably the third-best wideout Philly has. That doesn't mean that he'll earn a spot on the Pro Bowl roster at some point. If nothing changes, he probably never will, but Quez is good enough to be on someone's NFL roster. He's clearly one of the Eagles' top six players at the position.

Is he 'elite'? No he is not, but he does have an elite trait, and this is why NFL teams employ position coaches. Maybe the issue is more about what we aren't getting from Aaron Moorehead than what we aren't getting from Quez. Time will tell. We are pulling for both, but in year four, Number 16 CAN'T be one of the major reasons why Philly loses any games in 2023.

They're the hunted, and the schedule will be much tougher than it was last season.