10 Eagles records that are unlikely to be broken any time soon, one that will never be topped

Records are made to be broken, but a few Eagles benchmarks are safe for a while. Here are ten and a special tip of the cap to one that will never fall.
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles / A. Neste/GettyImages
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Donovan McNabb and David Akers spent a lot of time together in the Eagles locker room. They'll be in the record books for a while too.

Donovan McNabb never fully embraced the city of Philadelphia, and that's probably why he isn't held in the same regard as some of the more beloved players in Eagles history like Brian Dawkins, Jason Kelce, and, yes, David Akers. Still, one thing is true. Statistically, as a passer, there isn't a better Eagles franchise quarterback that we have seen.

Donovan McNabb's career passing yards total (32,873)

Donovan McNabb was never able to get the Eagles to the mountaintop, but we saw good Eagles football during his era. Some of that must be credited to the 32,873 yards that Number 5 stacked in the midnight green. Philly's current signal-caller is also special but enters his third full season as a starter with 7,906 career passing yards which means he has a little work to do if he's going to rank first one day.

Donovan McNabb's career passing TDs total (216)

You can take much if what was just set, swap 5's passing TD total with his passing yards total, and every other statement still works. Any mention of Donovan still splits the fan base, but make no mistake about it. He'd be successful in any era of Eagles football.

David Akers career scoring total (1,323 points)

David Akers scored 1,323 points as an Eagle and averaged seven points per game for his career. He made 441 of 447 extra-point attempts. He made good on 294 of 357 field-goal tries. Current Eagles kicker Jake Elliott is the only active Eagle with a chance to catch him, but currently Jake's tally stands at 640 points ahead of the coming NFL season.