10 Eagles records that are unlikely to be broken any time soon, one that will never be topped

Records are made to be broken, but a few Eagles benchmarks are safe for a while. Here are ten and a special tip of the cap to one that will never fall.
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles / A. Neste/GettyImages
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There aren't many names that equal Reggie White, Brian Dawkins, Eric Allen, and Andy Reid when it comes to Eagle lore.

We mentioned this organization's penchant for finding legends that have built their individual legacies (and some nice career marks that Birds fans will discuss forever. Get a load of some of these numbers. Anyone who breaks these records will have to be an extraordinary talent.

Reggie White's sack total (124)

This shouldn't surprise you, but Reggie White is the Philadelphia's all time leader in sacks. He introduced the opposing quarterback to the turf 124 times during his career. Trent Cole, a legend in his own right, is a distant second with 85.

Career interceptions (Bill Bradley, Brian Dawkins and Eric Allen tied at 34)

Nothing says greatness' like the following trio of names: Bill Bradley, Brian Dawkins, and Eric Allen. All have 34 career interceptions. All are members of the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame.

Herm Edwards has 33 career picks in an Eagles jersey. Wes Hopkins is the owner of 30. Current Eagles Daius Slay, Avonte Maddox, and James Bradberry have picked off seven, four, and three passes respectively.

Andy Reid's record for all-time wins by an Eagles coach

Andy Reid (130 regular-season wins), two-time NFL Champion Greasy Neale (63 wins), Dick Vermeil, (54 wins), and Buddy Ryan (43 wins) top the list of the Eagles' all-time winningest coaches. Doug Pederson, the only Super Bowl winner, rounds out the top five. Nick Sirianni enters the coming season with 23 regular-season wins.

Yessir... It appears Big Red's mark is safe for a while.

Honorable mention: Randall Cunningham's 91-yard punt versus the Giants

They didn't call him The Ultimate Weapon for no reason. Randall Cunningham could pass, run, and punt if he had to. Three boots in 1988 averaged out to 55.7 yards per launch, but his 91-yarder in 1989 takes the cake. That one could have gone for a 100-yard touchback versus the Giants had Dave Meggett not fielded it. All we have to ask is the following. Where the heck was he in Super Bowl LVII?

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