Eagles reportedly add more defensive talent to its staff by raiding longtime nemesis

Eagles announce two more coaching hires that send mini-shockwaves through the fan base.
Clint Hurtt, Philadelphia Eagles
Clint Hurtt, Philadelphia Eagles / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

It wasn't the same level of adrenaline rush that we felt when the announcement was made that the Philadelphia Eagles had traded for A.J. Brown or that they had placed themselves in a position, one year later, to select Jalen Carter in the following NFL Draft. It wasn't even close to that, but it was good enough to place a smile on the faces of an ailing fan base trying to come to grips with the reality that we'll be forced to endure a Super Bowl that features the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Philly continues to add to a coaching staff that already seems to have demonstrated that it has the stuff to be much better than it was a season ago. It appears they have double-dipped into the bag of a longtime nemesis to do so.

Eagles have reportedly raided the Seahawks (twice) to add more defensive talent to their coaching staff.

There's an old theory. It's one we don't mention much when we discuss our favorite game, but it's one many leadership structures use around pro football's landscape. Don't just hire coordinators and assistants. Hire coordinators and assistants that can be future head coaches and future NFL coordinators. Philly is certainly doing that.

If they're adding guys with D-coordinator skill sets to fill the roles of position coaches, you have to feel good about the Birds' chances. On the heels of the announcement of Vic Fangio's hire and another that guaranteed Kellen Moore would be the choice to fill the offensive coordinator's chair, they threw us another curveball.

Their choice to be their new linebacker's coach was someone they interviewed for their defensive coordinator position before settling on Fangio. Mike Caldwell seems to be primed for a return to Philly. Now, the Birds are at it again.

Per a report, one from NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, the Eagles are set to hire two coaches from a longtime nemesis, the Seattle Seahawks. They say if you can't beat them, join them. Well, the good guys haven't beaten those other 'birds' since November of 2008, and they have lost eight straight in the process. While 'Joining them' might be out of the cards, we can raid them for a couple of good coaches. We're happy about the new hires.

One is former Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt. He's expected to lead the Birds' defensive line. The other is Karl Scott. He's expected to be Philly's new defensive backs coach. Both bring a wealth of experience.

If there's one area for concern, Seattle had just 34 sacks, 45 sacks, and 47 sacks in 2021, 2022, and 2023 respectively. Still, in a world where we must endure a Niners/Chiefs Super Bowl, both announcements have to be seen as wins.

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