Eagles star DeVonta Smith shares his and A.J. Brown's secret sauce to their bond

The Eagles have two alpha males playing wide receiver, and you can stop asking. They're fine with their relationship.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

He's a man of few words. His teammates know him well. Honestly, that's how it should be, but most times, when DeVonta Smith is asked questions in a media setting, his answers are succinct but poignant.

The man formerly known as the 'Slim Reaper' has done what every man thinks about doing when they wake up. He has secured his family's future. He may have even set the wheels in motion for a coming chain reaction

Mr. Smith's 2024 NFL season carries a $15.5 million salary. Then beginning in 2025, he'll stack $25 million per campaign until his three-year extension ends. We'll see what happens after that.

First things first though. Philly is enjoying Phase One of its offseason program, and Number 6 took some time to rock with Philly's media on the heels of his extension's signing.

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DeVonta Smith touches on his relationship with fellow Eagles star wideout A.J. Brown.

Smith spent just under ten minutes with the Philly media before Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni spoke one final time before the NFL Draft. He was his usual cool self. The usual topics were part of the discussion.

Often, when we mention Smith, that leads to a take or two on A.J. Brown and this being one of the best wide receiver combos in professional football.

It didn't take long for Number 11's name to enter this conversation as well. What makes DeVonta and A.J. so special as a tandem? There are many reasons truthfully, but here are few of DeVonta's thoughts.

"Understanding each other... Understanding where we come from. I think both of us have a great understanding of what (that bond as a tandem) means to each other and the things we sacrificed to play this game"

See? Succinct... Poignant... Perhaps Darius Slay said it best. On the topic of their relationship thriving instead of their being friction like we see in some other locker rooms, the words were a tad more free-flowing.

Here's what was said on that front:

"I think the relationship that we have has made us be able to take the games where we don't have the big games and the other one does... (It makes us be able to be) happy for each other. It's never a time where we're sitting up there (and) we're mad at each other or mad at anyone about not getting targets. I mean let's be realistic. Everybody wants to be a part of the game. Everyone wants to make their big play, (but) you should be happy that you have a guy like that because you have a lot of guys that, when that time (big moment) comes, they'll shy away from the moment. You have a guy like him, you have a guy like me where we're never going to shy away from the moment. When that moment comes, we always want to be a part of it, and I think that's the good thing about it."

Perhaps this last statement is the most important... "Everybody wants to spin it this way and that way, but you have two guys that want to be the 'alpha'. That's a good thing, and yiuy have two guys that are happy for each other. Me and A.J. talk every day. We call each other every day whether it's football or its life. Last night, we had the kids on the phone talking... We're close outside of football...

Football is one thing, but (we have a relationship off the field with each other."

Philly's Dynamic Duo isn't home to any 'Robin' characters, just two Batman personalities. Number 6 and Number 11's impact on this team (and each other) is about more than what happens on the football field though.

DeVonta and A.J.'s bond is about brotherhood, similar to Fletcher Cox and Derek Barnett's. The latter's ties continue well beyond their time in Philly together, and the same will be true for DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown.

Check out the Reaper's full presser below.

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