Eagles who are suddenly tumbling down the depth chart following Sunday's roster additions

The Philadelphia Eagles announced several roster moves ahead of their August 6th open practice., and now, the chances of making the team may have dwindled for several of the guys on the back half of the depth chart.
Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Kyron Johnson seems to have vanished, and that isn't good for someone hoping to make the Eagles roster.

Landing on an NFL roster can be a humbling experience. Guys who have always been stars at the prep and NCAA level are suddenly reserve players that can't crack the starting lineup. Oh well... That's what the special teams unit is for.

Some guys thrive with their opportunity to play on special teams. Think about guys like Christian Elliss if you need an example. In the case of Kyron Johnson... well... there are times when it feels like he isn't going to justify Philly's decision to use the draft capital on him.

Taken with the 181st selection of the 2023 NFL Draft, Johnson was one of two sixth-round choices the Birds added to the nest. Grant Calcaterra was the other. Neither is assured of a roster spot ahead of the coming regular season.

If we're being frank, Eliss is simply a better football player than Johnson is. It feels like Christian will indeed make the roster which means, with the addition of Myles Jack and Zach Cunningham, Patrick's chances of landing on the game-day roster are slimmer now because we didn't see much of a shot for him before those guys arrived.