Eagles who are suddenly tumbling down the depth chart following Sunday's roster additions

The Philadelphia Eagles announced several roster moves ahead of their August 6th open practice., and now, the chances of making the team may have dwindled for several of the guys on the back half of the depth chart.
Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Kyron Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Chim Okorafor and Trevor Reid are no doubt sweating in lieu of Josh Sills' return and the Eagles' acquisition of Josh Andrews.

If you're a young NFL offensive lineman paying for the Philadelphia Eagles, you're part of a special unit. The best in the business, Jeff Stoutland, is your position coach. You're also in the meeting room with Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, two future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees.

Every coin has two sides though. Here's the bad news if you're a young lineman. There are probably ten jobs available if you're looking for a spot on the 53-man roster's offensive line, and arguments can be made that seven or eight of them have been claimed.

We have figured out who the starters are on the offensive line: Jordan Mailata, Landon Dickerson. Jason Kelce, Cam Jurgens, and Lane Johnson. 2023 draftee Tyler Steen will make the squad. Dennis Kelly has been reacquired following a long hiatus.

Chim Okorafor and Trevor Reid were in danger of being left off of the roster before Josh Sills returned and Josh Andrews was acquired. Now, it feels like they have no shot at making the team. Again, injuries occur. That must be kept in mind, but if Okorafor and Reid make the game-day roster, something has gone wrong.

That isn't meant to be seen as being disrespectful to either prospect. The facts are the facts though. Like Ben VanSumeren, both of these young prospects might be auditioning for another opportunity.

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