Eagles tight end Grant Calcaterra is unfortunately again dealing with a concussion

We hoped we'd never have to make this statement again, but Eagles tight end Grant Calcaterra is again working his way through a concussion.
Grant Calcaterra, Philadelphia Eagles
Grant Calcaterra, Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

As much as we love this great game of football, we understand its personality matches that of a demolition derby. We regret to inform you that, even though the Philadelphia Eagles are on top of the football universe with an NFL-best 7-1 win-loss total, there are unfortunate injuries to discuss.

Jalen Carter faces some football adversity. He's dealing with a back injury. Another issue also relates to something serious of another sort. We hoped we'd never have to use the word 'concussion' and Grant Calcaterra's name in the same sentence again, but we now sadly have to do so.

An unfortunate familiar medical issue for Grant Calcaterra resurfaces as the Eagles star enters concussion protocol.

Unfortunately, Monday forces us to discuss bad news. It's no secret that concussions have plagued Grant Calcaterra's football career.

As a collegiate star, he retired as a member of the Oklahoma Sooners from the game he loves (and as a former collegiate teammate of Jalen Hurts). Good fortune, however, luckily came his way soon thereafter.

Grant took some time and elected, with the blessing of physicians, that he'd try to give it one more go. He transferred to the SMU Mustangs ahead of the 2021 NCAA football season. He'd play well, earning a Second-Team All-AAC nod in the process. Philadelphia made him the 198th overall selection of the 2022 NFL Draft. As an Eagle, he quickly earned the respect and love of both coaches and teammates.

Week 8's Eagles win was costly. Grant's football life pauses now, hopefully not for too long. On the Monday following a Week 8 Eagles win, one Grant exited early, it has been reported that a familiar issue has resurfaced. Here's Jeff McLane's report.

Needless to say, we're saddened that he's again dealing with something this serious. Our fingers are, however, crossed in hopes that he'll bounce back again.

The talent is obviously present in this young man. He's again loved by his teammates, We're hoping another bounceback comes swiftly.

This story is developing. We'll be certain to let you know of updates when and if they occur.

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