Eagles versus Buccaneers: Bold predictions and not-so-bold theories for Monday Night Football

The Eagles versus Buccaneers game is one of the more intriguing clashes of the NFL's Week 3 slate. Here are a few bold and not-so-bold predictions.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The new guy, Braden Mann, averages 40 yards or more per punt.

Well, everyone got their wish, sort of. After months of much of Eagles Nation clamoring for Arryn Siposs to receive his walking papers, they were given their wish. Siposs is out. Braden Mann is in. There's just one thing.

We talked to a few New York Jets fans. If they're right, Mann isn't much of an upgrade from Siposs.

We're holding onto faith though because, truthfully, if we don't, there isn't much else to hold on to. Here's what we're thinking.

Every kickoff bounces into the end zone. Britain Covey never flips field position with a punt return. If the Eagles experience some stagnancy on offense, 40 yards per punt by a professional shouldn't be a huge ask.

The Eagles' defense registers two sacks and forces two turnovers.

Sean Desai has managed both injuries and the task of getting the most out of a few guys who simply don't have any extensive in-game experience. It's hard to do a great deal of complaining about the job he's doing.

Philly's defense has already logged a pick-six TD score by Darius Slay. They have also set up the offense with short fields and scoring opportunities.

Baker Mayfield is the most athletically gifted quarterback that Desai's unit has played so far, but he can be prone to mistakes at times. We're expecting another big day and a few more highlight-reel moments from the defense. Two turnovers and two sacks seem ideal.