Eagles versus Commanders: Reasonable requests, bold expectations for Week 8

They say one should never count wins before they happen, but you'll have to forgive us if we're strutting into this Eagles versus Commanders football game
Ron Rivera, Philadelphia Eagles news
Ron Rivera, Philadelphia Eagles news / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Forgive us if we're certain about some of our predictions for the coming Eagles versus Commanders game.

Certainties... There aren't many in the NFL, but they exist. We're certain that the NFL regular season is an 18-week, 17-game grind for all 32 of its franchises. We're certain that the love Philadelphia Eagles fans have for their Birds is true and undying. We're also certain that the New York Giants are atrocious and that Philly will play each of its NFC East rivals twice per season. See? We're certain about all of that.

Here's what else we're certain of. The Washington Commanders aren't as bad as the G-Men are, but they too are a mess. We were positive that would be the case, and we were right.

Divisional superiority will come down to a race between two teams, the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. The next step of Philly's journey leads them to Lincoln Financial Field-Landover... Oops.. Our bad... We meant to say FedEXField.

You can be certain that one of the biggest landfills masquerading itself as a football stadium will be painted both midnight and kelly green. This is the Eagles second tilt with the Commanders this season. Here are a few reasonable expectations and bold predictions.

Yes... You're absolutely correct. We are certain that we'll see some of them occur.