Eagles vs Bills: 3 matchups where Philly has a distinct advantage, two more worth circling

The Eagles are the better team, but beating the Bills won't be easy.
Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Here are two matchups to watch. Unsurprisingly, both involve the Bills' passing attack.

Don't sleep on the Bills. They have underachieved based on expectations and turn the ball over a lot, but they can rack up points in a hurry if they get on a roll.

Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, and Khalil Shakir vs. Darius Slay, James Bradberry, and Bradley Roby

The Eagles give up 1.5 TDs per game to wide receivers. That's tops in the NFL. We won't waste a ton of time here because this one is obvious. They can't let the Bills receivers go off.

Dalton Kincaid vs. the Eagles second level

Buffalo's wide receivers will be asked to open some space for the Bill's running game and Dalton Kincaid to work underneath. We have seen opposing tight ends do work on Philly's defense before.

Philly better bottle this Dalton Kincaid fellow up. After being inactive in Week 6, he has hauled in five catches or more in the five games that have followed, and he hasn't notched less than 46 yards.

In Week 9, he saw career highs versus the Cincinnati Bengals (ten receptions, 81 yards receiving).

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