Eagles vs. Giants: 4 notable matchups to watch in Week 18

Give us one more dominating performance by Boston Scott and a few eyeball emojis.

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Rashaad Penny vs. his decreasing chances of earning a job elsewhere

When the Eagles first picked up Rashaad Penny, we were all excited. Then we never saw him. Penny is a perpetually injured running back, so we all thought, ‘Okay, that’s weird, could they just be saving him for the playoffs?’

Well, here we are. On the verge of the postseason, and we’ve only seen Penny carry the ball five times. Five...

It's always best to give a tailback a running start into meaningful football. You don’t want Penny to get hit for the first time in an elimination game. That could lead to issues with ball security.

All of this leads us to believe that Rashaad Penny won't be a part of this team's plans for the future. If we get to a point in this game where the starters are pulled and the backups take the field, Penny could be a part of that group. Let him play!

He’s an incredibly fun guy to watch. It would have been great to see him do that as an Eagle. Hopefully, he gets enough carries and produces enough in Week 18 to get a decent (or any payday) somewhere else. Football is better when Rashaad Penny is playing and there’s a chance for that in 2024.

Boston Scott vs. the memes

Boston Scott didn't score in the Week 16 game vs. the Giants. He's a second-stringer so he's going to eventually get some work this week. On top of that, the memes say he destroys the Giants and Nick Sirianni cares about the memes, arguably too much. This all adds up to Scott finding the endzone this weekend.

In all reality, this team is in desperate need of good vibes and a Boston Scott touchdown would be a Nitrous Oxide-adjacent injection of those good vibes going into the postseason. Not to mention, it would be a beautiful ending to what will probably be BoSco's last regular-season game as a Philadelphia Eagle. We love you, our Short King.

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