Eagles vs Chiefs: 3 matchups where Philly has a distinct advantage, two more worth circling

Week 11's Eagles versus Chiefs game is loaded with some intriguing matchups.
DeVonta Smith (L), A.J. Brown (R), Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith (L), A.J. Brown (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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Here are two more areas where the Eagles have an advantage over the Chiefs.

As cliche as it sounds, games are won in the trenches. That's the Eagles business model, one they learned from Andy Reid. On Monday, we'll see what those offensive and defensive lines are made of on both sides. This should create some talking points and assist in determining who comes out on top.

Eagles pass rush vs. Chiefs offensive line/pass protection

After coming oh so close to setting a new NFL standard for single-season sacks, the Eagles failed to put any consistent pressure on Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LVII.

Sure, we could talk about the field conditions, but we won't. Here's the thing though. If Philly fails to rattle Mahomes in this one, it's going to be a long night.

Something tells us that Haason Reddick, Josh Sweat, and the guys will make some noise in this one. You won't hear any complaints from this direction if that's what happens.

Eagles rushing attack versus Chiefs rushing defense

It sounds like we say this every week. It bears repeating here though. If there was ever a time for Philly to attack the opposing defense with their rushing attack, this would be the game to do so.

Only seven NFL teams have produced a higher rushing yards total per contest than Philadelphia. Through nine games, the Birds have put up just under 130 yards per game. K.C. has allowed a tad over 112 yards per outing, making them the 16th-ranked team in that category, and that makes this a true 'strength-versus-weakness' matchup.

Grab your popcorn because we believe few teams can stop Philly's running game if they deem it a part of their game plan. Here's the best part.

An effective rushing attack equals ball control. Mahomes and Travis Kelce can't beat you if they're on the sideline.