Eagles vs Chiefs: 3 matchups where Philly has a distinct advantage, two more worth circling

Week 11's Eagles versus Chiefs game is loaded with some intriguing matchups.
DeVonta Smith (L), A.J. Brown (R), Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith (L), A.J. Brown (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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Two subplots have our attention as they might tell the tale of Eagles vs. Chiefs.

This is no doubt that this is one of those matchups that can truly go either way. We've mentioned some areas where Philly has its advantages. Here are two things we'll say about the Chiefs.

Worth monitoring: Eagles linebackers, safeties, and everyone else vs. Travis Kelce

Remember when we used to watch Michael Jordan play? Raise your hand if you were around and you remembered when we determined that, sometimes, the best course of action was to acknowledge that M.J. was going to get his. That led to conversations about focusing on stopping those other threats that the Chicago Bulls had.

Okay, think of Travis Kelce as the 'Michael Jordan' of the Chiefs roster. Philly can throw whoever they want at him. Kevin Byard... A couple of young slot corners... Whoever... There's a possibility that the Eagles learn very quickly that Kelce is just going to get his.

There's always a chance that Sean Desai could draw something up, but gosh, this guy is good.

Something else worth monitoring: The coaching duel

One of the narratives that came out of the most recent Super Bowl was Philly was outcoached during the second half. Jonathan Gannon was clueless. Andy Reid did all of the things that we complained about him never doing here. Kansas City walked out with a narrow victory. Let's hope that doesn't happen this time around.

Eric Bieniemy is hanging out with the Washington Commanders now. That helps, but 'Big Red' a.k.a. Andy Reid is still pacing K.C.'s sideline. He has probably forgotten more about football than most current head coaches know.

Nick Sirianni deserves his flowers. Yes, they actually bloomed as he once promised, but can he outduel the future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee? Time will tell. We will soon see.

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