Eagles vs. Seahawks: 3 notable matchups to watch on Monday Night Football

Jalen Carter, the Eagles' defensive backs, and Sean Desai all have a lot on their plates in Week 15.

Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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D.K. Metcalf vs. the defensive backfield

The Eagles’ defensive backfield is, to be blunt, old and slow. Yes, the veterans play smart and that’s helpful sometimes, but their weaknesses have been getting ruthlessly exposed.

Metcalf is exactly the kind of guy that has the talent to continue that exposure. The best course of action might be asking the defense to get him all worked up so that he tries to fistfight everyone. Hey, with D.K., you have to admit it's possible. Get him thrown out, and we might be on to something. Problem solved... Matchup won...

Seriously though, you could argue that this Eagles defense is fixable (or that they aren't). Some seem content with having these guys nuked. Either way, you’re probably correct in whatever your thinking is.

We saw the Seahawks in Arlington a couple of weeks ago. During that game, Metcalf recorded the fastest speed of any NFL player this season when he logged 22.23 mph on a 73-yard touchdown catch and run.

Sean Desai and company vs. the Seahawks offense

In 2022, Sean Desai was the “Associate Head Coach and Defensive Assistant” for the Seahawks. No one actually knows what that means, especially seeing as how those guys never get promoted to head coach (see Duce Staley's exit from the Eagles organization).

Still, whatever Desai did, it sounds like he had a high(ish) level position. It also sounds like taking another team's defensive coordinator job would be a bit of a demotion. Oh well. Regardless of where you stand on that, this can be seen as a statement game for Desai.

After what we’ve seen recently, it’s difficult to think that Sean can win this matchup with his defense. The hope here is that he’ll be able to help the offense prepare for a defense that he’s familiar with. We may never know, but if the Eagles can put up 40 points on the offensive side of the ball, maybe we can give the DC some semblance of credit for that regardless of how his unit performs.

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