Handing out Eagles postseason awards and doing so way too early

As Philly enters the stretch run of their 2023 regular season, we have already identified several Eagles we'd love to tip our caps to.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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It's never too early or too late to celebrate our Eagles!

We're officially knee-deep into the second half of the Philadelphia Eagles season. How are you guys feeling? Here at Inside the Iggles, we're thinking about the stretch run, the playoffs, and postseason awards. Hey, what can we say? Sue us. It's hard to avoid looking too far ahead.

Several Eagles have broken through the noise. They deserve an extra stamp of approval. We still have more than two months of football to think about, but just for kicks, let's shine a spotlight on our Birds. Here are some way-too-early postseason awards.

Most Valuable Player: Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts. Yes, that's a full sentence. The strength that QB1 possesses... It isn't just physical, mental, and emotional. His 'it factor' is what makes him such a tenacious leader.

His dedication to his team and the Eagles fanbase is evident in everything he does. When he says 'no one wants it more than he does', it's easy to believe him.

This season hasn't gone as smoothly as the 2022 near-MVP campaign. The incessant turnovers that plagued a four-game stretch at the beginning of the season were concerning. Still, Hurts accepted responsibility which is exactly what a leader should do.

With that and the injuries he has had to fight through, he has proven he'll never go down without a fight. As long as he continues to "keep the main thing, the main thing," he'll continue to operate at an MVP level. Vegas favors him to win the trophy. He has already won the award in our book.