Easy and necessary changes to get Jalen Hurts, Eagles offense back on track in 2024

The Eagles' collapse was disastrous, but getting the offense back on track may not be as daunting a task as some might believe.

Jalen Hurts
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The Eagles can learn a lot by paying attention to what the Buffalo Bills have done

Just in case no one is paying attention., the Buffalo Bills have made a major adjustment. They took off, and haven't looked back since they have done so.

Now, this isn't as simple as saying they elected to run the ball more. If football were that easy, your average Joe playing Madden on his PlayStation could be an offensive coordinator.

Granted, Buffalo's change coincided with their decision to change their offensive play-caller, one who adjusted their philosophical approach to the game. That type of radical move isn't always necessary, nor does it always work (see supplanting Sean Desai for Matt Patricia).

Coach Sirianni was at the head when, in 2021, the Eagles transitioned from a pass-happy offense to a physically dominant run-based attack. Those types of adjustments were needed this season, but living in the past will get you nowhere. That would mean moving on is the only option correct?

The Bills hadn't dedicated themselves to running the ball with frequency all season, but when they made a concerted effort to do so, everything changed. That specific adjustment meant everything to what was then an inconsistent Bills attack. They found the balance that led them on a season-saving win streak.

The path forward for Philly must consist of a more diversified running game. The underutilization of D'Andre Swift was criminal. Maybe they tried to spare him, but there were unexplainable extended stretches where the offensive attack was void of his inclusion.

Sometimes, Swift was ignored in favor of Kenneth Gainwell. He's a feisty runner but the lesser of the one-two punch. D'Andre finished the season with 1,049 yards rushing but easily could have had close to 1,500 had he been given more opportunities. After all, he was running behind one of the best offensive lines in football.

Swift isn't signed past the current season, but whether he returns or not, the same rules apply to him or whoever they bring in next season. Philadelphia's passing game was average. That has been true since the beginning of the season, but they were home to the number-one running attack in the NFL over the first half of the campaign.

When their offense refused to evolve despite its deficiencies, the NFL was naturally going to catch up. That made it egregious to continue running the same scheme in the same fashion.