Easy and necessary changes to get Jalen Hurts, Eagles offense back on track in 2024

The Eagles' collapse was disastrous, but getting the offense back on track may not be as daunting a task as some might believe.
Jalen Hurts
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The Eagles have to get back to the details of creative offense

Predictability and a lack of creativity are the culprits of much of Philly's late-season stagnancy. That led to Jalen Hurts running the ball way too much. There were just too many designed quarterback run calls. QB1 should be running the ball when he needs to not because it's the design. That would have made the offense less predictable and more difficult to defend.

When opposing defenses know they need to be prepared because certain looks have QB runs built-in, they know to be ready. Designed quarterback runs can work, but when you run them as often as the Eagles have, you wind up with Christian McCaffrey diagnosing your plays on national television.

The Eagles have gone all out to put a tremendous amount of weaponry around Jalen Hurts. He should be wheeling and dealing around the field, playing to the strength of the players. Again, this Eagles offense is much to predictable though.

AJ Brown as a slant specialist is virtually unstoppable. More slants should be run with him, but it isn't happening. The discipline in route running was often poor. There were too many occasions where multiple receivers were within five yards of each other. That can't happen in an NFL offense.

If Sirianni makes it out of his meeting with Jeffrey Lurie with his job intact, that is completely fine. He has had more successes as the head coach than failures. Jonathan Gannon and Shane Steichen have both raved about Sirianni's attention to detail, saying he aggressively held them accountable. he needs to find that part of himself again to ensure this type of collapse never happens during his coaching era again.

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