ESPN analyst questions Jalen Hurts' connection to his Eagles teammates

Just when we thought we were done, ESPN pulled us back in.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

We know... We know... We said we were going to leave this alone, but you can understand why we're back here again, right? The Philadelphia Eagles are our favorite football team. They're one of the NFL's most popular and successful brands. The quarterback position is the most important in all of sports, so post-late-season collapse and all we've been hearing, we can't just ignore certain statements when they are made.

Slow news days probably don't help. At the time of this story's release, we still have a bit of a wait before training camp arrives. We found ourselves on ESPN and checking out an episode of First Take. Throw all of that in the pot. Allow it to boil, and watch the reaction on social platforms.

Jalen Hurts' relationship with teammates is called into question by ESPN's Chris Carlin.

Well, you have to expect that there will sometimes be a few takeaways whenever the subject turns to Philly sports on ESPN's highly-popular mid-morning show. While engrossed in a conversation about the Eagles, Chris Carlin was allowed to share his thoughts.

Just when you thought we were past the discussions about Jalen Hurts' leadership style after NBC Sports Philly's Reuben Frank dispelled theories that QB1 was struggling as a leader and Lane Johnson backed his signal-caller up during a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Chris Carlen may have added fuel to the fire, even if said fire was a small one.

“I worked in Philadelphia, I know the town pretty well. There were some things going on there with Jalen Hurts in that locker room in terms of guys not loving how he handled himself after they went to the Super Bowl and after he got paid. There are some fences for Jalen Hurts to mend in that [locker] room. The talent level is fantastic. I worry about that being a situation that can blow up at any moment and I think if it does, it’s gonna get ugly.”

Again, when in doubt, we do our best to circle back and check the pulse of teammates and coaches who know him better. Jalen Hurts' teammates haven't given us much cause to believe there is trouble in paradise, but here's something else to consider. Would Carlin make this up if he didn't have a leg to stand on?

For now, there are no clear answers, but when training camp arrives, you can best believe Jalen, coaches, and everyone else will be asked about this the first time media is allowed access. This will be a story until games begin counting against the win-loss total during the regular season.

This comes with the territory. In a sports-crazy town the Eagles are Philly's most popular team. Hurts is the face of the franchise. If we aren't discussing him for this reason, we will indeed discuss him for another.

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