Lane Johnson dispels rumors about organizational frustration with Jalen Hurts

Lane Johnson has Jalen Hurts' back both on and off the football field.
Lane Johnson, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

There's an old saying... We like those around these parts. Maybe its because we rarely hear any new sayings that are worthy of committing to memory. Plus, it gives us another opportunity to talk about Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts.

"A quarterback's best friend is a strong running game." You've heard that before, right? We respect the statement, but we respectfully disagree. 'A quarterback and running back's best friend is a strong O-line'. Philly's will be mentioned all season.

Eagles QB1 Jalen Hurts is the franchise. Saquon Barkley is the new guy in town, and if he's anything like the guy we watched from the other sideline in Gotham, he might be the best tailback we've seen in midnight since LeSean McCoy was in town.

Their best friends are Jeff Stoutland's offensive line. Despite losing Jason Kelce to retirement, Philly's is as deep as ever. There's reason for optimism about another elite season.

One of its stars, Lane Johnson, hung out on The Rich Eisen Show recently to discuss both Saquon and Jalen.

Lane Johnson shares thoughts on Saquon Barkley's addition and goes to bat for Jalen Hurts.

"I felt like I was in an alternate reality." Those were Lane Johnson's words about what it felt like seeing Saquon Barkley in an Eagles jersey for the first time. Perhaps you have heard. He's no longer with the New York Giants as he elected to sign with a rival, our Philadelphia Eagles, on March 13.

Some fear the threat of injury. Saquon isn't brittle, but he's seen a few. He has also gotten older and plays football's most punishing position. That hasn't been the big story about the offense. We're again talking about Jalen Hurts.

Should he have answered the question about Nick Sirianni as he did? Are members of Philly's leadership structure disappointed? We're again discussing the desire that he be more open.

Those discussions are among the more the recent people are involving themselves in. During his discussion with Rich Eisen, Lane touched on all things Philly including a discussion about QB1. Here's some of that interview.

See? A running back and quarterback's best friend is an elite O-line. Lane protects Jalen Hurts on gamedays. It should be no surprise that he goes to war for QB1 during conversation.

Here's where we choose to leave this. We have reached the end of June. There isn't much to discuss. People are looking for every angle and rock to turn over.

We used to praise Jalen Hurts for being uber-focused and stoic. Now, we're viewing this as some flaw in his personality. Trust us on this one. Other conversations are more pressing, such as a new offensive coordinator and a scheme.

Jalen will be fine. The Eagles will be fine. Both always bounce back. They always do. We have a fantastic O-line to hang our hats on

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