Expect to see Eagles star Darius Slay at a few more 76ers home games

Darius Slay's favorite current NBA star is coming to Philly. Might we see the six-time Pro Bowler at Wells Fargo Center this season?
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Making statements like 'football is just a game' may not play well in the City of Brotherly Love. Hey, it wouldn't play well in the South where SEC football rules either. Darius Slay, a Philadelphia Eagles team captain who cut his teeth in the Southeastern Conference as a Mississippi State Bulldog probably has no idea what we're talking about either.

Just so you know, we're providing therapy for ourselves as well. With the way these last two Eagles seasons ended (a crushing Super Bowl loss and the collapse to conclude the 2023-2024 campaign), we have to find ways to improve our emotional health as well.

During a slow summer news cycle, we have been watching a ton of podcasts. We think we've watched Chris Long's interview with Darius Slay two or three different times.

At about the 30-minute mark of what turned about to be a 38-minute talk, Chris asked Slay who would make a list of five guys he'd like to sit down with. One of the guys he mentioned is one of the newest 76ers.

Paul George ranks second on Darius Slay's list of favs. Might we see the Eagles star at a few more 76ers games this season?

Though we spend much of our time treating football like it's life and death, the fact is it isn't. It's really entertainment, but again don't tell Birds fans or anyone in Philly that. You may not walk away from any conversations feeling like you've changed the mind of the listener.

Our favorite players are regular guys though. They play video games and watch the NBA like we do for entertainment. They just make more money than we do.

If you're a 76ers fan and have been keeping track, the hated Boston Celtics are the champions (again). Philly, hoping to topple them next season, has bolstered its roster by agreeing to re-sign Kelly Oubre Jr. They also added Andre Drummond and Eric Gordon. Slay's current favorite NBA star is also being added.

Adrian Wojnarowski recently reported free agent Paul George declined his option with the L.A. Clippers. He has agreed to sign a four-year, $212 million maximum contract with the 76ers. Slay is a P.G. fan and named him, Steph Curry and Lil Wayne as being locks for his list of five dream interviews.

Might that mean we'll see the six-time Pro Bowler at a few more 76ers home games? We hope so!

"I'm a big Paul George fan. That's one of my... That's my second-favorite player in basketball. I'm like a big Paul George fan. Kobe (Bryant is) number one for me. His podcast is amazing man. I need to hop on that, or he needs to hop on mine. But, Paul George is one of my favorite players. I need to chop it up with him."

P.G. is also the host of a podcast of his own, Podcast P with Paul George. Might we see a collab with Slay in the future? Stay tuned! We'll sure as heck be plugged in and waiting on that one.

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