Fletcher Cox officially joins Jason Kelce on the list of Eagles reportedly leaning toward retirement

Two weeks after setting Instagram ablaze with a controversial post, Fletcher Cox officially joins Jason Kelce on a list of possibly retiring Eagles.
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

It's funny how things work out sometimes. We had a feeling we'd have to write this story. It still surprises you when it happens. It is what it is, but after one of the best players of the past decade and a half who ever donned a Philadelphia Eagles jersey posted a photo with minimal accompanying text, we were left to our imaginations and theories. What is Fletcher Cox trying to tell us? Hold on a second. Let's backtrack a bit.

This story began just hours after Philly's Wild Card Round loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We were still reeling from a tough end to the season and the double-whammy effect caused by the news that Jason Kelce informed his teammates that he was considering hanging up the cleats. Then Fletch had to go and drop his photo on Instagram.

Two weeks after dropping a stirring social media post, Fletcher Cox, like Jason Kelce, appears to be mulling retirement.

Cox's drop featured a photo that included himself, Jason Kelce, and our beloved Brandon Graham. Many questioned whether or not he was hinting at the possibility of three of the Core Four's members retiring together. Then, things quieted, and we all moved on. As we turn our calendar's page from January to February. Those discussions seem to be taking center stage again.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane reports

The Super Bowl has yet to be played, but to Birds fans, that doesn't matter much. The Pro Bowl cometh. We learned Jalen Hurts and Darius Slay will be there. The Senior Bowl will quickly become a large part of our discussion, but add another conversation to the debate table.

Will the Eagles walk into next season without two future Pro Football Hall of Famers? Nothing is vertain until it is, but the conversations might grow louder until they finally make an announcement.

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